Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mastication Live Fall 2007 Podcast


ok, so the theme of this months MASTICATION, our first, is . How foul is the fowl . I hear fowl is all the rage… Avian flu, ducks, geese and chickens… aborted eggs, Now we are in a pseudo chicken mode… we look for chicken and sometimes we are not so successful….… for example the dollar dumpling place on the lower east side, just can't get chicken, we did much better at the incredible MITCHELLS in Brookland, and also at the unnameable CUBAN place underneath the elevated train the JMZ very film noir with a 50's formica counter and cool stools.. dirty and dingy but for $5.00 what a deal and it's so tasty too.. we passed on the MYRTLE AVE slaughter house, with happy pictures of bunnies, ducks and chicks… all smiling, but when I looked into the window, I saw a woman who looked like she was clubbing a chicken in its cage… and boy I couldn't cope. Don't get me wrong dear listener… I believe in humanely, Halal, Kosher neutralization of the poor animal, if that is what a person needs to eat, but I'm against all meat eating, therefore, trusty CHAS will eat and I will watch while ranting and raving about flesh eaters!

Yes, it was JJ Hunsucker, in THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS who said “I love the smell of this dirty city”… and boy does NYC smell pungent and poignant in August as we get out this first installment of MASTICATION LIVE! Buckle up for the next 57 minutes!

Note: We mention how high the stock market is in this episode, given the fact this was recorded earlier this year when it was out of control. Of course, that has changed. So please take note. It's all about changes chewin away at our soul, no?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mastication Live Winter 2008 Podcast

The H Special

Ok so it is that time of year one that we at MASTICATION LIVE are not ready to handle. We are x-mas dysfunctional… so bear with us while we go to DONUT PUB the perfect place to deny the H days exist and JUNIOR'S more denial in eating cheese cake and predicting the 2008 disaster ahead of us. Check out our stock market predictions, our clam chowder reviews from Sheepshead Bay and our hysterical hope for that ultimate “dream date” in 2008…. If only… and of course happy H Days… (that's HOLIDAY, not HEROIN…)